SCT Insurance
by Lloyd’s of London

The missing link between cord blood bank and cutting edge stem cell medical treatments

Over a decade of experience establishing and running one of the world’s first cord blood banks Amnon Pelz saw how storing a baby’s cord blood is a crucial first step but this alone does not guarantee that, if necessary, families are able to provide loved ones with any and all possible stem cell based medical treatments.

A risk management specialist, recognized by Lloyds* as a person authorized to sign on their behalf cord blood banking related insurance transactions, Amnon took the next logical step and worked to fill the gap between umbilical cord blood banks and ensuring that families have the fiscal means to finance any and all available stem cell treatments.
This was the missing link, stem cell medical expenses insurance is the answer.

Risk management by Lloyds, increases blood banks’ financial stability and guarantees best medical care for clients.

* est. 1686 by Edward Lloyd, world leading insurance and banking corporation, based in London, i.e. “Lloyds of London”

STC Insurance In Practice

Stem cell treatments, as well as other treatments involving the use of umbilical cord blood and tissue, have proven themselves invaluable with regards to a wide range of medical conditions such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), autism, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, apraxia of speech, cerebral hypoxia ischemia, anoxia caused by drowning, brain injuries, diabetes, leukemia and more.
In many cases administration of life saving and life altering treatments was made possible thanks to an STC insurance policy. Here are just a few examples:

In 2017 a 3 year old girl suffering from cerebral palsy was treated using cord blood saved from her own birth. Within two weeks from receiving a cord blood transfusion the girl’s motor and cognitive skills improved dramatically.
The girl’s parents testify that they were able to finance the miracle working treatments only thanks to an SCT insurance policy their cord blood bank provides all its clients with, “for us” they say “saving our daughter’s cord blood in a cord blood bank which provides all clients with SCT insurance was the best decision we ever made”

Dramatic improvement for girl with CP – video

In 2016 a 4 year old boy suffering from autism underwent treatment with cord blood saved from his birth. His father was overwhelmed when, just a few days after initial treatment, his son, for the first time ever, called him “dad”. Only a few hours later, again for the very first time, the young boy smiled. Further improvement has transformed a boy with severe autism into one who is in good contact with his surroundings and will most probably grow up to be an independent adult.
The boy’s family is a middle class one and thanks to an STC insurance policy they could pay for the cutting edge treatments without having to make dramatic sacrifices

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The very first cord blood transfusion was administered in 1988 when the life of a French boy suffering from Fanconi Anemia was saved thanks to treatment using cord blood saved from his sister’s birth. Since then, countless life saving treatments were administered to patients suffering from leukemia, sickle-cell disease, brain injuries, acute diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more. Since cutting edge medical treatments are always expensive in many cases SCT insurance played an indispensible role enabling treatments to be administered

A leading physician in the field of stem cell treatments has recently said   “a young boy getting up from his wheel chair and walking is nothing short of a miracle, so is a girl who could not move her arm beginning to use a fork or when someone who could hardly speak begins to sing”. It is thanks to cord blood banks and STC insurance policies that advanced stem cell treatments can be administered to a growing number of patients who stand to benefit from them

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